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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 4, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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year's edition of a popular and trying to create the world's biggest bbrger. we'll tell you if this one broke the ecord. >> live in high definitionnfrom wbff-tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news late edition. sheets of rain, heavy wind,ú gray skies. hurriiane earl sideswipes the mid atlantic, just missing the state of maryland. path north, targeting new england. >> hello again, i'm jennife jeff barnes. iim karen parks. marylaad more than 150 miles %-packed quite a punch causing huge waves and some minor flooding. people already in ocean city for wwth the storm's power. >> it's definitely a sight to3 see.
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youudon't see this veryyoften. >> mother nature's pretty powerful. seeing it in he flesh ann blood, t's pretty lively. . >> ocean city is preparing to %-holiday weekend. the long one person had the wrong idea during the storm. he's a surfer who decided to go outtinto the wavessduring the hurricann. well, that violated restrictions on swimming and surfing during the storm. the man received two $300 citttions. ii thh meantime hurricane earl is moving away from us toward new england. now the sky is already gray up -here and the winds are picking up as well. %-the hardest as the hurricanet people there are already boarding up theer houses and storefronts, but many will stick >> we're not leaving. >> why not? myylife, and we're used to itt i think we'll be ine. >> we're inland. would feel pretty confident in i
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-y residu residence. >> still, parts of the cape ave already lost power. where is earl right now and are we in the clear? meteorrlogist emily grace is here with the latest on the track of the storm. %->> karenn we're in the clear d we're now watching what was hhrricane earr down graded to a tropical storm move out of our area, so movinn up towards new england, causing some impacts up ú%ere, but we're in the clear hhre in maryland as it oes move furthee and further away from our area. someeheavy rain and strong winds off the oass of portions of new york and massachusetts now as tropical storm arl continues to move out of our area. we wiil see a chhnge in our weather going from the gray skies we haddtoday to plenty of -unnhine tomorrow. a cold front tonight will also bring us some cooler temperatures for the day -n fact, we''e sitting at 79 we may never hit 79 ddgrees pleety of sunshine as well, and it will beebreezy out there. winds could gust up to 25 miles3 per hour.3
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earl earl is headed as well as other things in the atlantic and talk about our beautiful weather coming up in just a bit. during hurricane season you can track the location and intensity of storms on our just go to >> breaking news out of west baltimore. police are at the scene f a shooting on baker street. it happened less than an hour ago about 10:15 this evening. investigators say the annwas shot in the head and neck. no word on hhs condition, but homicide investigators were called to the scene. new tonight, we're getting our first look at 9-1-1 tapes froo the standoff at the discovery channel this week. on wednesday 43-year-old james jay lee entering the discovery chaanel building in sslver spring and took three hodges. he had a long-running grudge, -pparentll, gainst theecable network. >> montgomerr county 9-1-1.
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what is the emergency? one ccvery place, inside the lobby of discovery communications.3 >> yes, he's got a gun. he's goinggthroughhthe front desk. he's got people on the floor. to go in the lobby and somebody said don't go in there, there's ú%mebody with a gun. i could only seeethe gun and i -- and i left. >> people eventually shot andd3 killed lee affer a four-hour standoff. a woman is dead tonnght, killed in a triple shootinn triggered by a possible disppte over drugs. the reason behind the deadly attack. the shooting happened last nighú on east lynne avenue neer delaa knee street. poliie found 34-year-old datea scott-smith lyiig in frrnt of her home shot seveeal times in the back. investigators say a drug dealerú planted crack cocaine in the wheel well of her husband's car without his knowledge. when the drugs were lost, a man violence in what neighbors call
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a troubled area. >> there's fights, beatings, robberies. last year a man was shot in the head. he had ust moved into the neighborhhod..3 what we really need here is surveellance cameras. >> the man also shot a 14-year-old boo in the hand and anooher man in the neck. the shooter remains on the loose. a familyyof a teenager ú%abbed to death five years ago is keeping his memory alive tonight. ihere's more on the reasons behind tonight's candlelight %-years ago today when 17-yeaa-d kevin wingeet was stabbed tt death here outside marley station mall. tonight family and friends mark the anniversary with a mall. kevin's mom said she's still angry that the teen who was convicted of killinggher son, then 16-year-old brandon kellam, never spent any time in jail. instead, he spent our years in rehab for drugs and mental
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health problems. >> so hh did four years in a drug rehab for an innentional murder. it's the biggess travesty of justice i've ever seen ever.ú >> reporter: kellam was initially charged as an adult but a judge ordered him tried as a uvenile. he was releassd from rehab in march of this yeer. ú%randa stevens, fox 45 news late edition. >> fox 45 viewerr fight back and helped put another wanted criminal behind bars. on fox 45 news at 10, we highlighted a woman wanted for the ttempted murder of a man. a viewer rrcognized jackson, made a call to police, and jackson was arrested early this morning..3 >> we can't be on the streets 24/7, but with the citizens out %-time, and withhthat tv showh
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bbing aired, it's definitely a help because this person should not be on the street walking3 arouudd >> to see all of the wanted peoppe in our fugitiveefilee, go %-fugitive files in the newsk on ffature section. nd tell us how you're fighting back. let us know wwat you're doing to where you live. give uu a call at 4100662-1456. a fire drew a lot of attention in baltimore county earlier today. a viewer sent us in this photoggaph. the contents of a trash truck caught fire. -t happened just after noon on red run boulevard in owings mills. community, you can send it to us. clickkon the see it, shooo it, send it icon on your cell ppone torectly fromú yyu need to know that baltimore has nearly the worst drivers in the unitee states.
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%-drivers report, drivers here t in a crash about every five and a half years. they're crate% mor 80% more like 3 to ge!!ly to get in an accident than the average -river.ú next wwrst was washington, d.c. collins, colorado was the safest city. in a simulation of this football season on madden 11, indianapolis colts for the best regular season record at 13-3. the simulation showed the raaens going to the super bowl to face the green bay packerr. we won't dd it no morr. >> next on the late edition, the for getting into a fight in school. another move at the judge's
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table on "american idol". theelate j ea-?
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a verr mixed reporr on jobs tonight. the unemployment rate went up to the economy lost 54,000 jobs mostly because of those census layoffs earlier in the year, but private payrolls added 67,000 jobs. companies added more jobs in
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june and july than experts first thought. gains, but nowhere near enough to bring the unemployment rate down. >> i will be addressing a broader package of ideas next we are confident that we are moving in the right direction, but we want to keep this recoverr moving stronger. >> the same tired stimulus bailout approoch has failed. it's time the ad administration ownedduppto that and came up with a nee approach and a new team. republicans are going to continue to fight for that. >> when you count paat-timerr who want full-time job and people who stopped looking for work all together because they were completely discouraged, the underemployment rate went up to that brings us to our questioo of tte day. do you have faitt in our economy? so far 11% of you do have faith in our economy.3 joseph rights with on ou rites on our website ttey're talkkng about another sti stimulus package.3
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jim wwites on facebook i have faith in american business spirit and capability. for the first time in maryland history, voters et a chance to cast their ballots well before the traditional election day. eerly voting in this year's ppimary officially beean this morning. there were plenty of voters and publiccofficials on hand at the randall town community center. governor o'malley votee today in northwest baltimore. six days of eaaly voting will cost millions. >> we paid so much in lives and ú%neyyto secure thh right to vote for other people, i think in order to encourage more of our citizens to take part in that fundamental part of our deeocracy. >> early voting sites clooed at 8:00 tonight. polls will open through thursday but are closed on sunday. and stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the id term
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electionss go to florida, 13-year-old freddy mcccoud got suspended for getting into a fight. his motter wanted to make sure he got he message llud and clear. she made him stand on a verr busy street with a sign that says i don't know how to behave if i continuee i will end up working hard for little mmney. >> i told him it's an embarrassment for me to have the school call me over and over and over again when i'm trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> e will think aboot it. he won't do it no more. ú% not only that, he's got to sit on the couch with moo with the sign in front of tv cameras. you think he's going to do it again?3 >> i bet e won't cut p like that again. >> siiting on a couch with a tv
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>> it's no worse than standing his friendd to see. >> gooddthing my mom didn'tú think of things like that. what kind of weather ccn we expect for the lengthy weekend. >> meteorologist emily grace is standing by with your forecast. karen, our weather today was all about earl, but it wiil be about sunshine this weekend. the cold front is kicking up winds.3 you can see the camera moving around on our hd skycam. temperatures are rrther warm this evening, 79 degrees right nnw in downtown with mostly cloudy skies as the cold frrnn pushes through. the inds are startiig to pick up out of the west northwest at 12 miles an hour with the humidity sitttng at 65%. so what was hurricane earl? it was a category hurricane at one point. now down to a tropical storm, so weakening significantly, moving over cooler water. that's not helping with the strengthening of earl, so we're ú%ing toosee thhs continue to weaken ovee the nnxt 12 hours or and eastt
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it will still be impacting %-though.of new engllnd, they have a lot of heavy rain -nd wind ahead offthem for tonight, but the winds right now with earl down to 69 miles per %-strength any more, and it will %-off to the north nd weere also watching what was tropical storm fiona, now a tropical depression out into the atlantic, and also another storm %-we are watching that because t could become a tropiccl storr once again, so that is one -ystem we'll be keeping an eye on. as far as the tropics are concerned, we're stayyng rather clear for this evening, not seeing a whole lot as far as potential for torms out there across the area. back heee at home, a cold fronn pushing through will ring us some windy conditions for tomorrow. as it pushes through overnight tonight, all the rain that was dissipating. just a few clouds out there. behind that we'll have cooler conditions, sunny conditions, so a very fall-like weekend inn33 store for us with high temperatures only reaching the -pper 70s. a little mild tonight, down to
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%-we'll have mostly cloudy kies but clearing as we head ooard thh morning. just a few clouds remaining during the morning hours and breezy throughout the day. our high temperature onny 78 degrees as winds could gust up to 25 miles per hour. a gorgeous weekend forecast at the beach. upper 70s for saturday, mid 70s for sunday, plentt of sunshine, and that will be thh case back here at home as well. that will be the case on aború day. 85 degrees, a little warmer. we get up to 90 for wednesday,3 but we will not stay warm. i'll haae the details on when we'll start to cool off coming up in just a bit. ú%> >> kara is officially leaving ""merican idol". there were rumors in jjuy that she was fired. officials at fox said today that she has decided to llave the show. simon cooell and ellen deellen degeneres also left this year. there werrerummrsretherrumors
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abbut top naaes include steven tyler and jennifer lopez. you see all kinds of crafts at the maryland state fair. >> incllding one who uses power tools. >> my name is martt long, and i'm one oo the masters of the chain saws. >> give this guy some gas so he can put ii in the chain saw and he'll carve you just about anything. he says chain aws to him are like paint brushes, each one very different. he cannot believe this is what he does for a leaving. >> yeah. -'ve been doing it forr12 years, i'm in the middle of carving i just start busting out laughing that i get paid to do this. >> he'll be a!! 45 will be at te staat fair tomorrow.
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serbs are trying to make the word's largest hamburger, part -f barbecue week there. cooking, hhwever, was a look at tte fliiping technique. it's incredible. 3.2 on the richter scale. and it's 5 feet wide, but the team fell short. the guinness book of world records said the biggest burger house on the back deck. no. it was made in the state of %-tonight ann one that many saw coming. ed reed has been placed on the physically unable to perform list. reed will miss the ffrst six -eeks of the season due to a torn muscle in hii hip.
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recovering from off season surgery. it doesn't help, though, that the first fourrof the first six games are against the jets, bengals, steelers, and patriots. now to something that caught everyone's eye last night. in the second quarter a pass is picked off and he has no one n -ront of him. heading for the first touchdown of his career, he starts celebrating at the rams' 45 and stopped at the goalline and line. the coach gave his linebacker a piece of his mind. one day later the coach cooled off and said he'll use it as a teaching point. >> i think it's a learning opportunity, and the bottom liie is we don't want any peenltiis. -hat's the most important thing. you don't want to put your ssecial teamm o in harm's way. the other thing is we want to do things in a ccass way. it's a learning opportunity for him. >> during theefirst day of roster cuts which was tuesday,
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the ravens traded for fourth year cornerback they hope can beef up the depleted secondary. they gave up a 2011 draft pick for josh wilson. being back home isn't thh only reason wilssn is happy to be in baltimore. -> being here and being at home is definitely numberrtwo. number one is having a pass rush. that's the beet. that's definitely number one, having a pass rrsh and a front seven. i grew up watching these guys, and yoo know, being excited and, you know, circumstances may not be how i thought i was going to get here, but i'm definitely glad i got here. >> josh wilson expects to play in week oneeagainss the
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